"EPL is better than La Liga"

Premier League clubs Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City are the top earning football teams in the world in terms of shirt sponsorship. Despite Real Madrid and Barcelona’s domination in European club football in recent years, Premier League clubs have earned double the amount on shirt endorsements than their La Liga counterparts.
Barcelona President Bartomeu said that the Spanish La Liga have the best players in the world but admitted that the EPL is the most competitive league in the world.
“The Premier League is the best in terms of fan interest. “Our main rival is (the Premier League), not Real Madrid, because the Premier League does things well with equal interests for everyone,” Bartomeu said.

Barcelona’s renegotiated €33.5 million yearly deal with Qatar Airways in shirt endorsement, toppled their rivals Real Madrid, but both clubs remained in seventh and eight position respectively behind Liverpool and Bayern Munich. The top four earners remains Premier League clubs which includes; Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester city.