How Many Lovers Should You Have?

Is there such a thing as an ideal number of sexual partners a person can have? Let’s get different points of view on this interesting and tackling issue.

Things change and our culture changes, too. In the past, the answer was simple: 1. Many people used to get married being virgins. They waited to be obedient to the Word of God. However, these days celibacy and virginity are not fashionable any longer.

Both men and women have sex outside of marriage and start wondering how much is too much. The poll results show that the golden number seems to be 10 both for ladies and guys. Having less than 10 sexual partners is viewed as a lack of experience. More (especially in women) scares off potential dates. For women having more than 14 lovers in their lives is deemed to be unacceptable.

Men shun girls like that. For men 15 tops the number of affairs. If you got more, just keep this information private. Your potential dates would think you do not know how to be stable and reliable in a relationship. The double standard for men and women still exists. When men have many lovers, they are heroes, but when women do, they are harlots. Men still value virginity in ladies and esteem it over the experience in sexual relations.

Is it wise to disclose the real number of your sexual partners?

That’s a big question. It is always wiser to keep it secret. Surely, men will know if a lady is not a virgin. So, giving some number is inevitable, but for girls, it is better to keep this number down. As to the men, most women do not appreciate virgin lovers, as they lack the experience. Still, giving an extremely high number is unwise.

Who tells more lies?

Both genders lie, but differently. As a rule, women lie and decrease the number of lovers, while men lie and increase this number! As you see, there is no such thing as “ideal number”, unless this number is 1. But each situation is unique and different.