Kloe Kardashian: Why You Need to Up Your Protein Intake—Immediately

Super-fit celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Julianne Hough seem to be hitting the health and fitness train hard and, boy, is it paying off.

So what's their secret? According to Muscle Milk dietician, Tricia L. Griffin, a high-protein diet is a big part of it. "Protein is required to keep your muscles toned, along with exercise, and during times of low calorie intake, it is even more important to help keep your muscles from breaking down," revealed the health expert.

Most of us already know that protein is good for us (like how eating more of it generally correlates to weight loss), but did you know that loading up on the good stuff actually has a bounty of beauty benefits, too? "Proteins serve an important role in our beauty tool kit," revealed the pro. So in case a toned bod alone is not inspiration enough to meet your protein needs for the day, keep reading.

It's a Game Changer for Skin: Sure Khloe always seems to be permanently sporting that post-gym glow, but she likely has protein to thank for that, at least partially. When you consume protein daily, you're sending essential nutrients and oxygen directly to your bloodstream, which then delivers it to every cell in your body, including skin cells. "Proteins in the body form collagen which is the paste that hold skins cells together and helps keep your skin firm and supple," she said. In other words, more protein = increased collagen production. This, in turn, yields radiant Kardashian-like skin. (We'll take it.)

How Much Do You Really Need? Suddenly feeling inspired to meet your protein numbers? "In general terms, active folks will need, in terms of grams of protein, about half their body weight in pounds," she shared. However, if you're on that workout grind, up that number to match your body weight exactly in grams of protein.

How Do You Get It In? No matter your body weight, that number you need to hit is going to be high and you're going to have to make a conscious effort to get it in. Tricia's tips? Consume protein in meals and snacks spread throughout the day, not all at once. Try a protein shake post-gym like Khloe or a pack of almonds if you're on the go. For larger sit-down meals, aim for about 20-30 grams of protein per meal and be sure to eat another snack before bedtime to repair muscles while you snooze.

Feeling radiant already? Us too.