Reasons Why A Wife Would Kill Her Husband

1. He Is Violent Towards Her:

Battered woman syndrome (BWS) is a mental disorder that develops in victims of domestic violence as a result of serious, long-term abuse. In short, the wife is so beaten and bullied by her husband that one day she reaches her breaking point and snaps, and acts on her emotions. These emotions could cause her to stab, wound or kill her spouse. Abroad, it is a defence called the battered spouse defense.

2. He Is A Cheater:

It’s normal to see most women as calm creatures who are untiring, forgiving and generally warm. But with every rule comes the exception. While society is prepping most women to be forgiving and understanding wives, we have the women who will not take any nonsense from their husbands and have a specific hatred for cheating. If she does her part as a good wife but her husband cannot keep it in his pants, she will speed up the ‘till death do us apart’ aspect just to be rid of him.

3. Inheritance/Money:

If your life insurance is just the right amount or you’ve come into a lot of money during the marriage, the money may become more appealing to your wife than your life. Plus, if you guys are not getting along or she has no fond memories of you, even more reason for her to kill you. You may give her a fair share of what you have but she may think why settle for half when I can have it all? She will start looking for the perfect ‘accident’ which will befall you and lead to her gaining all your money and property.

4. He Molests/Harms Their Child:

The bond between a mother and her child is one that no man can ever understand. It is a bond secured from the conception, to the pregnancy and all down to the bitter-sweet gruelling hours in labour spent pushing out the baby. Some mothers will say it’s because of the beauty of life, others will say it’s because of responsibility but whatever it is, most mothers will fight to the death for their children. So, if the woman’s husband was to harm the child or sexually abuse the child, a woman will switch from wife to mother real quick and kill her husband.

5. Wickedness:

Sometimes, it may not even be the man’s fault. He may have been a good father, great husband and all that but the woman just wants to end his life. Maybe she is tired of being his wife, maybe she is bored or maybe she wants to see how to get away with murder. Wickedness is a valid reason for killing your husband and those wicked women are termed witches whether or not they practice juju.





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