#EndSARS Protests: Lagos Will Need N1trillion For Reconstruction — Femi Gbajabiamila

A minimum of N1trillion is required to reconstruct Lagos State after the destruction that occurred during the #EndSARS protest and the crisis that followed, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has said.

The speaker disclosed this on Sunday, October 25, during a commiseration and solidarity visit to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, at Lagos House, Marina.

According to Vanguard, the minister said: “The House of Representatives will do all it can to compensate all those who suffered brutality including policemen that lost their lives in the process.

Also whatever the house can do in rebuilding Lagos and other states it will do. We are now in a state of reconstruction. What must be done will be done.


I learnt from the governor of Lagos State that it will take N1 Trillion to rebuild what had been lost and asked him whats the budget size of the state he said about N1,Trillion. You can see we are moving backward.

Hence, we …

A Piece Of Cake For Nollywood Actresses

While it is no news that the Nigerian movie industry hasn’t particularly broken any grounds in recent times, it’s become something of a norm for actors and actresses to share sexy photos on their birthday as though this is what we came here for. They have become so comfortable with this that it’s been so often repeated it doesn’t come off as newsworthy anymore, but somehow they still manage to make the news because it is Nigeria. They make the news with the lame photo releases because it is Nigeria where anything goes.

Actresses go ‘missing in action’ and try to stage a come-back by releasing new pictures, images that we have no actual use for. How sad! In 2016 alone, we have seen the likes of Chigul, Doris Simeon, Ayo Adesanya, Angela Okorie, Tamara Eteimo, Uche Ogbodo, Daniella Okeke, Fadekemi Momoh, and Susan Peters try to make headlines with new pictures on birthdays. Perhaps we should give them a standing ovation for such ingenuity and professionalism seeing as they release more photos today than they give us quality films.

Or maybe we are the ones to blame for not getting the memo that says actors and actresses can take a breather or run though a year with little or no significant contribution or output towards improving their industry, yet be bold enough to share photo-shopped pictures on account of a birthday celebration.

I reckon we are to blame for not getting the memo. We probably should apologize for showing surprise and disdain at the new releases of these sexy, semi-nude photos. Quite sad. All of this is nothing but crap, crap from those who ought to know better. And we are yet to successfully organize annual awards show save for the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, clearly this says a lot about the development of the sector. What a time to be alive.

This act is rubbish from grownups who ought to be more conscious of their industry and make concerted efforts to improve their crafts, put out work and influence the overall pulse of their immediate society.

Their primary job is to make movies and tell stories, before anything else. But they have failed to. Nigerian movie stars need to wake up from their slumber and do the needful.

Their movies need to engineered to tell better stories, touch on heavy subject matters and spotlight deep, timeless themes not concerning themselves with just the glamour and razzmatazz of showbiz. They need to keep in mind at all times that fame is as fleeting as nobody knows tomorrow.

They need to wake up from this incredible state of inertia.

They stay sharing these random shots on their birthdays when they ought to be more interested in key activities, then it’s safe to say what we have today is a bunch of ‘movie stars’ who have lost the plot seeing as they fail to recall the ephemeral nature of stardom.

And for the record, no one is asking celebrities not to exhibit some of their ‘star power’ and bask in the glitz of fame. It is absolutely fine, I mean, to each man his own.

But while we are at it, we must remember that nobody ever made history doing the regular. And even if sharing photos were a special act, the rate at which the media is awash of such today rids it of everything interesting. Baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, behind-the-scene shoots and images from other activities will be just fine at this point as we are tired of the random display of images if the aim is to celebrate birthdays and put an actress in the news on the back of a lackluster period.

We are simply tired. These photos bring nothing of substance to these actresses or the industry at large, to be honest.
The legends and veterans in of today in Nollywood such as Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Ngozi Nwosu, Rachel Oniga, Pete Edochie, Justus Esiri, Kunle Bamtefa the late Justus Esiri, Enebelie Elebuwa, Sam Loco Efe, Toun Oni and Bukky Ajayi didn’t make history by doing nothing for themselves and the industry at large. A word is enough for the wise. Time is ticking. Good luck.