"I Don't Want To Be President Again"

Athletics Federation of Nigeria president, Solomon Ogba has hinted that he will not contemplate seeking for re-election, if his term expires next year.

Ogba who has faced the heat over the poor showing of Nigerian athletes at international meets, argued that no man could ever succeed running athletics in Nigeria, following the country’s unpreparedness to fund the sport.

“I don’t think I will be coming out for another term. How could anyone ever thrive in a condition such as we have in Nigerian sports administration?

And the most worrying aspect is that there is no remedy in sight. I don’t see any changes coming soon, and so I need to step back and watch another person feel what I have been going through all these years,” Ogba said. He added that he would still be in the board of the AFN, being a member representing an international body. Athletics enthusiasts are calculating who might become the next president of the AFN. No clear name has emerged yet, but it was gathered that likely candidates for the position are working behind the scene.

Ogba was lambasted by former Sports minister Bolaji Abdulahi over Nigeria’s poor performances at Rio 2016 Olympics Games. He advised Ogba not to seek re-election. But the former Delta State commissioner for sports, brushed the tirade aside.

“Before the Olympics I told the world not to expect results from athletics. This is because we were not prepared, we cried out for funding, but it never came.

“Whereas after the London 2012 Games we had a plan and the former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan approved and released fund. We should ask those in charge where the money has gone to,” Ogba quipped.