Andrea Pirlo's Players Are Struggling To Adapt Without Ronaldo

Italian outlet Corriere via SunSport is claiming that the manager’s honeymoon period is over as players are finding it difficult to adapt with the tactician’s strategy without striker Ronaldo. The Portuguese star was missing in their 1-1 draw away at Benevento as the reigning champions failed to hold onto their lead. Juventus dropped points yet again on the night the side was deeply frustrated with Alvaro Morata also receiving a red card after full time of the encounter for verbally insulting the referee. Top football manager attacks Messi, claims he has no passion for football when compared to Maradona After the match, Pirlo said there was the urgent need to rest Ronaldo as the player is exhausted with the number of matches he played in recent times. He said: "Already Wednesday in the Champions League he had a problem, but he had decided to play, It’s normal for someone to get tired and rest. "This time it was Ronaldo’s turn, others next. Ronaldo is an added value, but when



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