There is an old common line about enjoying and living your life to the fullest before you get married.

This advice is given to the dudes. We do not know what the girls are told because we are not allowed inside the ssenga sessions. These girls also keep the info to themselves when they come out--just selfish.

The most common line is about things concerning your life because once you settle down; you will not even change the television channel. As in, once you get your hands on the remote, your household members might ..............
riot. If you are a sports die-hard who always wants to watch a replay of an Arsenal match, you will find yourself at loggerheads with your children, maid and wife.

I do not pride myself in giving relationship advice but I realised those could be the best words of wisdom for my friend. I see he has been growing fat every day.

So, during the week I had one look at him and said: "Do not grow fat before you get married. It is rude and bad for your health."

I was running late; so, I dropped my line and walked away but I could feel his eyes on my back, querying and trying to interpret my statement. So, I stopped and turned.

"Look here, bro," I said. "Do not let yourself get out of shape if you are dating, engaged and searching."

I assured him that ladies prefer dudes who are in shape for a future partner. You must be healthy, taking good care of yourself and will definitely be able to take good care of her. Simple, right?

Now I walk down these dusty streets seeing dudes as young as 25 with protruding bellies and love handles. How about you first find the love before you get the handles?

Do not grow fat in the days of your youth, dude. Save that for your marriage days. Chances are; she will be growing big too. A family that gains weight together stays together.

See, when you eventually find your better half, you need to gain some weight; otherwise, your family members will blame your wife for not feeding you well. Worse still, they will blame you for not buying the food.

You better get that six pack, a tattoo, ride a bike to the end of the world and back and do all those crazy things before you settle down. It may not be a must for you to go all crazy in your early years. But one thing is for sure: do not grow fat.""