Osinbanjo Speaks To Released Chibok Girls

“I am sure you know that the whole country has been waiting for you to come back” Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has told the recently released 21 kidnapped Chibok girls.

Speaking during the reception of the girls at the Villa, Mr Osinbajo who started with a prayer prayed God that the girls be replenished, resuscitated, and revitalized with good health. He also prayed that “you uphold them, let it be well with them..........
We pray for those who are still in captivity that all of them will be returned to us. In Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen.”

Addressing the girls and pressmen gathered, Mr Osinbajo noted “the whole country has been waiting that one day we will see you again and we are very happy to see you back! We are going to bring your parents, your parents will be coming here to join you.”

Speaking further, he said; “You can’t immediately be taken out of here because we need to be sure that you are in very good health.

Chibok 2
VP with a released Chibok girl
“I am sure are going to be very well taken care of. We have provided very good accommodation for you where you will stay where you will sleep and your parents will come and meet you there also.

“We are also going to see to it that everything that you require going forward, perhaps your education, those who need to go back to school, those who need to find employment, we are going to make that we make all the provisions for you.

“The Federal Government is very committed. The president in particular, has asked me to tell you, how excited he is. When you were away, he kept saying that if it were his daughter he wouldn’t even know what to do,” the VP said.

He added that the girls will reunite with their parents soon as they have been invited.

Chibok girls meet Osinbajo
Chibok girls meet Osinbajo
“We have already contacted them, they know where you are, and very soon they will be joining you here. So we are all looking forward to how you are going to settle in very nicely. The doctors have all the kinds of treatment that you will need, so you are all welcome back and we are all very excited to see.”