As harvest time for most crops draw near, farmers in sat­ellite towns of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are living in fear of losing their harvests as herdsmen have shifted attention to graz­ing in satellite towns, having been restricted from the city centre.

Farmers in communities like Orozo, Azhata, Karshi and parts of Kubwa have ex­pressed worry over the up­surge of herds in their com­munities. Some farmers who spoke with our correspon­dent said the development was worrisome as they do not have what it takes to pre­vent the cattle from eating up their farms before.......

Some of them also ex­pressed the concern that some of these herdsmen are actually under aged chil­dren that understand little or nothing about peaceful coexistence and are prone to starting a fight whenever cattle are prevented from en­tering farms.

One Mr. Jonah Ibrahim in Karshi told our correspondent that these under aged cattle herders often enter people’s farms with impunity and are ready to attack with fire arm when confronted.

He said they are afraid of lossing their yams, beans, ground nuts and even guinea corn and millets as the num­ber of cattle they have seen in their community can eat up these farms in a matter of days.

It would be recalled that only recently 16 herdsmen were prosecuted by the FCT Administration for violating the rules on grazing in the city centre.

Also 36 cows and 38 sheep were also impounded in the process, these may prompted the herdsmen to shift into rural communities in satel­lite towns of the FCT.
The seven day raid which resulted in these arrests came after the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello charged the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) to enforce the laws to sanitise the nation’s capital from the nuisance of cattle grazing in the city cen­tre.
Farmers in Orozo commu­nity of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) who did not want to be named have appealed to the authori­ties to draw the attention of the leadership of the herds­men so as to caution the chil­dren herding the cattle not enter farms and also not to be aggressive to villagers who would want to prevent cattle from eating up their crops