Photos: Nigerian Security Forces Attack Peaceful Ashura Procession In Jos, Sheikh Tsoho Is Alive

Here in Jos, since on last Tuesday; the Military occupied all nook and cranny of Jos fully armed and ready to shoot. With all that, Mourners marched yesterday Wednesday around 10 am. The procession followed through Rogo quarters so as to avoid being trapped in their ploy. Surprisingly, they were seen at Eid Mosque's bridge positioning themselves..........

In view of this, the procession was suggested to call off, as the message was already passed.

Brothers have been complaining why they shouldn't be allowed to pass and attain martyrdom? Sheikh Adamu Tsoho asked people to go to his house for a brief lecture.

He told brothers why the procession was terminated at that place, that the message of Ashura was already conveyed. People will not understand if we insisted to pass and something bad happens, it will be better if they follow us after the procession wrapped up. Perhaps, people of conscience can realize that brothers and sisters were oppressed unjustly. And if they mean to arrest everyone, let them do it for they arrested the leader, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) alongside 100+ of his followers. And as well if they are here to kill.

Immediately after the closing prayer, brothers started to make their way to the 'Markaz' in order to take their properties and return home, a group comprising of the Nigerian military, Nigerian Police force, Mobile Police and their sponsored hoodlums appeared out of nowhere, teargassing our brothers on their way. (Note Videos and Pictures were lost during the incidence).

They started beating brothers/sisters with clubs, sticks and canes they carry. They arrested many there, based on a report available there are about 40 of them, before they later took them to Sector 2 in Bauchi road, and to state CID in Jos.

Before that, they arrested some of brothers and sisters on their way to the procession, where they forced others to go back to their destinations.

Right on the time they sieged the house of Sheikh AdamuTsoho, some of the Nigerian military and their sponsored thugs proceed to Markaz Jos, they allowed their sponsored hoodlums to steal all they got inside the Markaz, torched holy books including Holy qur'an among others, and finally set it ablaze..........

But they took all the building materials including Windows and doors before they finally demolish it down. All these happened before the eyes of the security forces. A woman was seen carrying a pot as booty.

Sheikh Tsoho was in the house to the moment they finished and left, while the residents of the quarters disallow the military from harming him. They later assigned all the security forces to their normal posts in the town, and took their armored tank and some vehicles to Central mosque. While those injured were receiving treatment in the house of Sheikh Tsoho.

We were still in the house when around 3:45pm a group of Policemen and their sponsored hoodlums returned. They even went to the house saying some words I can not recall, but none of us took notice of them. I picked my phone to answer a call, one of the policemen told the hoodlum.. Arrest him, I recognized him! He runs over me, arrest me and seize my phone, saying that they have to go along with me. Our brothers in personal dresses and other residents of the quarters disallowed them from arresting me. They later gave me my phone, and took their way back without doing anything again.

As I am writing now, nothing is going on. Malam Adamu Tsoho and other brothers are in good health, only for some in DSS custody; and some injured by teargas, beating and gunshots, around 10 of them.