Women: 5 Reasons Why Your Spouse Won't Cheat On You

Have you ever wondered if your partner might be cheating on you, or if, at least, he is considering it?

According to five results of some research carried out, these are ways to know a man who will most likely cheat, and one who can't manage it.

ome of these results are actually quite ridiculous that really have to question their validity.
So, here's what we will do, we'll show the result, and consider the validity or otherwise of the claims as it relates to Nigerian guys.............

Are you ready?

1.  He comes from a big family

According to a survey carried out on Seeking Arrangements,  cheaters are are more likely to come from small families, most likely without a sister or close female relative apart from their moms.
Our verdict: This is an invalid claim. Totally  invalid.
The idea of this claim might be that a man from a large family will  not cheat because he’ll wonder how he’d feel  if a man cheated on his sister.
A [Nigerian] man will cheat on you whether he has 11 sisters or one. Matter of fact, they’ll be the ones covering up for him.

2.  His friends are also faithful

According to M. Gary Newman, author of 'The Truth About Cheating',  a man is likely faithful if his friends are faithful to their partners, too.
Our verdict: This is a shaky one.
The saying that ‘show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are’ actually works to an extent.
But take nothing away from Nigerian men though. He still might cheat and hide it from his friends if he knows they’ll not approve.

3.  Your gut tells you he won’t cheat

Some American researchers found that if your gut is telling you that a guy will cheat on you, then chances are that he will cheat on you. In other words, trust your guts.
Our verdict: This is total rubbish.
Your gut feeling might just be messed up because of a bad relationship you had with someone who probably just looks like this guy.
What if you are just unduly scared, and let a good man escape you in the process?

4.  You make the same amount of money

A new study from the American Sociological review showed men are more likely to cheat if they made a lot more money than their partner.
Our verdict: Invalid point.
A Nigerian man will cheat on you even if he has no job and you are the one catering for him.