FG Reveals How Many Sim Cards That Can Be Linked To One NIN Number

The federal government has revealed that Nigerians can link up to seven SIM cards to one National Identification Number on the National Identity Management Commission Mobile App. This was disclosed on Friday, January 8, by the minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami, Punch reports. He said: "You will be able to link up to seven SIM numbers to only one. I have already downloaded the app, launched the app, and already linked some of my numbers immediately. This is part of digitalisation." Pantami said the ministry, NIMC and telecommunication operators would review the entire NIN linkage to SIM cards by network users if fresh lockdown is imposed in the country. Meanwhile, he said enrolment for the National Identification Number (NIN) should not consume the time of the applicants. The minister made this known on Friday, January 8, during a programme on Channels TV, adding that the enrolment should not take more than five minutes. Pantami further stated

Why Donald Trump's Victory Is NOT An Abomination

By Victoria N. Ikeano

Forget the latter-day rationalisations by the experts and bookmakers which are nothing more than excuses to mask their utter failure at outcome of the USA presidential election.

triumph confounded them all and left them shell shocked. They confessed their woeful performance. “Nobody saw it coming”, they admitted.

And now, in their bid to save face and have us continue to believe in them so that they can be in business, they are beginning to rationalise why they failed so woefully.

‘‘Gender discrimination is still rife in America’’ – really, America that makes a big noise about gender equality, America which is in forefront of promoting the affirmative action and directing other countries to apply it through its carrot diplomacy.

“African-Americans and other minority populations did not turn up as expected in large numbers’’ – really, but Hispanics, that is Latinos who were supposed to be against Trump turned out in droves and supposedly voted for Hillary.

‘‘America detests monarchy’’ – really, but a Bush succeeded another Bush.

. “Some of those polled did not quite tell the truth’’ – really, in a country where telling a lie is equated with perjury, and how come they still used polling, exit polls, to correctly call out winner of the electoral votes during voting?.

Fact of the matter is that all the experts’ and bookmakers’ analysis before the election were correct. All indications pointed to a Hillary Clinton win. No brainy person could have faulted them.

And since we rely on our intellect (seat of the brain) largely, to navigate our way through this earth, we sided with them. So, virtually everybody in America and abroad was rooting for Hillary. Why not – all of America’s entertainment ‘big boys’ and ‘big girls’ – athletes, singers, Hollywood actors and actresses, all of whom command a cult-like following sided with Hillary.

To gauge how influential or popular artistes are, ask commercial organisations here in Nigeria that are willing to cough out millions of naira just to get them endorse their products or advertise them.

 And America loves show business; it is the home of show business. The razzmatazz that catches peoples’ attention and pulls crowds in this era was with Hillary.

The American media, another influential octopus voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton well before the election and they used their platforms to effectively campaign for her save for two which held a contrary view. She was considered or rather was the most qualified for the job in view of her intimidating CV and Trump a moron in politics.

Many of his own party bigwigs deserted him.

In fact, his Republican Party chiefs were pressurizing him to step down to avoid an “embarrassing defeat” which they saw looming in the horizon. Then there was Trump’s free running ‘foul’ mouth during the campaigns, his ‘uncouth’ behaviours. Ladies and gentlemen, do not doubt that this is what nicked it for Trump.

Consider: notwithstanding that we all profess detesting pornography, porn materials are still selling like hot cakes – who are those buying them, ghosts? When watching a Nigerian film for instance, have you not noticed how excited people are when it comes to a scene where two people are fighting , raining insults on themselves as we laugh heartily, egging the ‘fighters’’ to fire more insults with our claps?

Despite public protestations by us about lyrics and accompanying video clips of many of our artistes’ songs, the musicians are still popular amongst us and those videos still selling massively; they are still pulling countless crowds to their ‘dirty’ shows.

We still frown at females exposing parts of their bodies in the name of fashion but this fashion style a.k.a. nudity, are getting worse by the day for the simple reason that many, many people like it and see it as fantastic fashion. Otherwise, the practice would have died naturally, would it not?

The truth ladies and gentlemen is that we live in what my grandmother would term ‘uwa mmebi’ – our world has been turned upside down. Concepts handed to us from above have been distorted. Thus the world now doffs its hat for the smart guy by which is meant the person who can achieve a goal through guile. The end justifies the means, we are now told. In these changing times where virtually everything is distorted, things do not follow their normal course as such; that which is considered impossible, miraculous and an abomination, happens, both the good and the bad.

Virtually everything was seen to be against Barak Obama when he first contested in 2008 but he won “miraculously”, just as nearly everyone railed against Trump’s indecency and his election is seen as an abomination.

The bottom line is that we live in abnormal times where abnormal things happen. Therefore, the intelligentsia will continue to fail as long as they do not factor into their analysis, the very fact that we now live in an abnormal world with its distortions.

In future, the experts and their ilk should frame their predictions thus, ‘’from an analytical, intellectual point of view, Mr. /Mrs A has the edge over Mr/Mrs B, but note that this is just on the surface as the world may surprise us because we live in abnormal times”. This caveat should save majority of mankind the bitter disappointment and hypertension that trails their false analyses.

Ikeano writes from Lafia.