Why I Want N3.5m Monthly Child Support From Femi Fani-Kayode — Ex-Wife

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode’s estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu, has accused him of beating her up at several occasions including when she was pregnant. Chikwendu, who’s demanding full custody of their four sons, made the allegations in an affidavit she deposed in support of an originating motion brought pursuant to Section 69 of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003. “From the early days of our relationship, the respondent (Fani-Kayode), has always maintained a lifestyle of utter disregard to my feelings. This was evident in the way and manner the respondent assaulted me while pregnant with our first son. The respondent (Fani-Kayode) kicked me severally on my stomach over a petty argument that ensued. It was my friend, Vanessa, who was around at the material time that intervened at the nick of time to save me. I had to leave the respondent’s (Fani-Kayode’s) house a few days after this incident. The respondent (Fani-Kayode) repeated the same act when I was pregnant with tripl

Insider Reveals Secrets Of Working In A Five-Star Hotel

A former five-star hotel employee has spoken about some of the bizarre activities that goes on behind closed doors. 

Revealing some of the guests raunchy stories during his time at a 5-star Brisbane hotel, a former ex-room service attendant has talked about walking in on......
an amateur porn shoot when he was called to a room. 

One incident imprinted in his memory is when he was called to a guests room and was told to walk straight in to deliver the champagne and the insider claimed a tripod was positioned towards the bed. 

His initial thought was an interview was taking place, but much to his surprise he noticed a threesome was occurring. 
'Sometimes companies book out the suites to do interviews so I thought that might have been it,' according to The Courier Mail. 
'But instead I see a threesome occurring — there were one male and two females — with a semi-professional-looking video camera in their suite. It was definitely not a professional movie.' 

Despite room attendants normally grabbing the ice bucket and pouring the champagne for the guests, the former employee decided to quickly exit not to distract the guests who were obviously busy. 

kWalking in on guests having sex was a common theme. 
Reminding guests to stop having sex in the hotel pool because it had see through glass at one end, which was plain to see for the hotel next door - was one of his more embarrassing requests. 

A nude man who unwittingly locked himself out of his room while emptying a service tray and had to visit reception for a room key were some other incidents that topped the list. 

Finding an interesting left over vibrator also had hotel room staff talking. 
However, despite the guests often being discovered in quirky situations the former employee said they often did not care as they were paying the big dollars to stay at a five star hotel. 

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