This Officer Has Been Charged To Court For Allowing Deported Nigerian Back To The Country

An Immigration officer accused of permitting a Nigerian national who had been deported alongside controversial businessman Antony Chinedu back to the country, has been charged.
Mr Edward Kabiu Njau who appeared before a Milimani Law Courts resident magistrate Ms T N Sinkiyian denied the charge.
An assistant director of Immigration Mr D N Wambilyanga who testified......
told the magistrate that Mr Anaeke Chimezie who had been deported on June 3, 2013, sneaked back into the country through the border post of Namanga in Kajiado County.
Mr Wambilyanga told the magistrate that Mr Chimezie was deported alongside Mr Chinedu — who was operating a Club, Deep West, in Nairobi West — but sneaked back into the country through the border post of Namanga on July 9, 2013.
Cross-examined by lawyer Mbiyu Kamau for Njau, the director said that he does not have documents showing how Mr Shimezie left the country.
“Do you know whether Mr Chimezie has ever been seen in Kenya since he left the Country six years ago,” Mr Kamau asked the witness.
“No. I have no information whether Mr Chimezie is in the Country or not,” Mr Wambilyanga answered.
Mr Kamau further asked the director whether he has documents showing how Mr Chimezie travelled out of Kenya.
Mr Wambilyanga answered that all he knows is that Mr Chimezie was escorted out of Kenya by Immigration Officers.
The Immigration officer said the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai who in June 2013 was the acting Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Interior Ministry and Immigration signed the deportation of 23 foreign nationals among them Mr Chimezie and Mr Chinedu.
Mr Wambilyanga presented to the court a list of those who had been deported with Mr Chimezie listed number 2.
Immigration Officers who escorted Mr Chinedu to Nigeria were detained and the plane they had hired was also detained until the government of Kenya intervened.
Ms Sinkiyian directed the case against Mr Njau be mentioned on December 8, for further directions.
The accused who has denied the offence is out on a cash bail of Sh500, 000.

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