Pastor Allegedly Raping 14-Yr-Old Member, Sells Church Building And Relocates

A pastor, Chris McDouglas Omosokpea of Peculiar Generation Assembly Church, Oshodi, Lagos, who’s facing a charge for the rape of his member’s teen daughter has allegedly sold his church building and fled to an unknown place to establish another church. SaharaReporters reports that Omosokpea had allegedly sexually abused a 14-year-old girl for the past four years before he was arrested in June 2020 and charged before the court for defilement. He was, however, granted bail on health grounds before the Lagos High Court. Omosokpea didn’t show up in court when the case came up again on Tuesday, March 2. The Presiding Magistrate, Kubeinje, subsequently adjourned the case till April 21, 2021. It was gathered that, before he was arrested, the victim claimed the pastor deceived her with fake prophecies and she kept the abuses away from her parents, who had been members of the church for over 12 years, with a strong belief that Pastor Douglas was a real man of God. However, when she could no lon


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has alleged that witnesses President Muhammadu Buhari imported from Ghana and Cameroon to testify against its leader, Nnamdi Kanu are currently undergoing “intense coaching” at a facility belonging to the Department of State Services, DSS.

The separatist group said a “secret detention center” is used by the DSS to.........
detain perceived enemies of the president, adding that the facility is owned by him, Buhari.

Recall that the separatist group had recently claimed that the Federal Government was plotting to import foreigners to testify agains Kanu in his ongoing trial.
IPOB’s claim was contained in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful and made available to DAILY POST on Wednesday.
According to the statement, “Those Buhari and DSS imported from Ghana and Cameroon to bear false witness against Nnamdi Kanu are presently undergoing intense coaching at DSS facility located at Victoria Garden City popularly called VGC Abuja.
“Incidentally this supposedly secret detention centre owned by the Presidency and run by DSS for the detention of political enemies of Buhari is where the brutalised Sheik Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky of Nigeria Islamic Movement is being illegally detained presently.”
IPOB also raised the alarm over the manner the Buhari – led Federal Government allegedly deceiving Nigerians and the international community on the trial of its embattled leader, Nnamdi Kanu.
The group claimed that Buhari through the instrumentality of the Department of State Services, DSS, will “intimidate journalists and media houses by planting fake stories through government owned news agencies.”
It alleged that Buhari’s aim is to make the whole world believe the trial is not a secret one.
The statement reads: ” The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and it’s leadership worldwide would like to draw the attention of the civilised world to the continuing undue interference of the Federal Government of Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressive Congress APC in the ongoing case involving the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
“Since the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari decreed her sister Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court Abuja to jail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and three others detained alongside him, through the unconstitutional process of secret trial, he has carried on to intimidate not only the entire Nigeria judiciary but now also journalists and media houses by planting fake stories through government owned news agencies.
“As the court case between Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other illegally detained Biafrans approach on the 10th and 11th of January 2017, President Buhari has through the DSS summoned some media practitioners to his Aso Rock residence and ordered them to falsely report that the same secret trial ordered by his sister and fellow Muslim Binta Nyako is now partial shielding of witnesses.

“This is to leave the public with the misleading impression that instead of the full secret trial he pressured the weak Binta Nyako to conduct, that the matter will be heard in an open court with witnesses partially hidden behind a mask and curtain.

“The main aim of the Presidency according to this source, is to deceive the general public and make Biafrans, human rights organisations and other international bodies, who have condemned the secret trial, appear as though they are the people delaying the trial by rejecting this wholly unconstitutional mode of criminal trial.
“It is unfortunate that the judicial system in Nigeria can throw up judges like Justice Binta Nyako who cannot interpret a constitution written in simple English but instead have chosen to allow her tribal loyalty and need to save her husband and son from pending corruption charges cloud her sense of judgement.
“This intelligence report is from an impeccable source who visited one of the media houses involved in the presidential conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. According to him, the main interface between Aso Rock and media houses is a man who is notorious for blackmailing editors on behalf of the Presidency, should any media house fail to comply with how Aso Rock wants a particular news item or information reported.
“Furthermore, the Aso Rock news enforcer stated that Buhari and DSS are so worried on how the secret trial can be reported as being partial shielding of witnesses without the public accusing the Presidency and DSS of being compromised and biased. Especially as the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has gotten a lot of interest and commands worldwide attention.
MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business“For media houses to counter the impression of deliberate falsification of news concerning the secret trial, the news enforcer from Aso Rock suggested ways it can be done. He told those present at the briefing that all journalists needed was for them to employ the same strategy they used to repackage the current President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.
“The way his image was laundered around the world as a repentant democrat is the model they should follow. All they need to do is to keep repeating the mantra that it is not a secret trial by partial screening of witnesses until the gullible public buys into it.
“Anybody in doubt as to the depth of this conspiracy between the Nigerian judiciary and Buhari should listen to the raw audio tape of Binta Nyako’s ruling on this issue of secret trial and her heavily edited written version.”
IPOB said the judicial fraud perpetrated by “Binta Nyako with the blessing of the Nigeria Judicial Council is not only an affront to decency and common sense, but a slap on the faces of those countries that believe Nigeria is a constitutional democracy.”
The statement added, “Unknown to the APC Buhari regime and her security agencies, especially the DSS, who condescendingly believe that people are so stupid that if secret trial is reported in the media as partial shielding of witnesses for just two weeks, it will change the minds of the public into believing that the trial is open.
“In the process they hope to restore the battered of President Buhari and his sister Justice Binta Nyako who openly delivered the ruling on the secret trial and claimed that the court belongs to her and she can do whatever she likes.”

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