How To Get N200,000 In Your Next Visit To Church

According to a post shared on the church's official Facebook page Joshua Iginla Ministries, the senior pastor who is known for his generosity amongst many other good deeds, gave a woman the sum of N200,000 after she was......
delivered of her baby during a church service 'fruit of the womb service' on Sunday, January 29.

Sharing the post, they wrote:

"Miracle Baby Delivered at The City of Wonders: All glory to God Almighty for a great miracle witnessed at Champions Royal Assembly International Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria.
The first Fruit of The Womb service progressed with lots of energy and miracles but it didn't go without the most obvious. A pregnant delivered her bouncing baby boy at the Church's Clinic. The Doctor explained the mystery of the delivery. The baby came out with his 'bumbum' which is a very difficult position for childbirth, he said.

He also said the cords, about two wrapped around the baby's neck. But still, the mother delivered him safely. Bro. Joshua Iginla the senior pastor had envisioned the baby's delivery before then. News later got to him as the service went on. He was equally excited as it proves the theme of the day. Bro. Joshua Iginla later gave the mother the sum of Two hundred thousand Naira (N200,000).
I use this miracle baby as a point of contact to every woman seeking the fruit of the womb; by this time next year, You shall carry your baby!!"
See more photos below:

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