VIDEO: Dakore And Her Daughters Are Giving Us Hot Vibes

The 2018 AMAA winner of the best actress posted a video of herself dancing with her daughters

Watch video below:

Ifeanyi Ubah: Why I Had To cancel Beauty Pageant

Nnewi town has been robbed of its crowned beauty queen after contestants failed to get correct answers to questioned posed to them.
At the contest, all the girls who participated failed to........
answer questions fielded by the sponsor of the event Ifeanyi Ubah.
Almost all the girls in an attempt to answer the questions asked by Ubah said: “No idea”or "I don’t know”.

The girls could hardly answer questions as simple as the name of the president of Nigeria.

Subsequently, during the native attire section, the contestants failed to give the accurate name of their dresses.
This ‘disgraceful’ act, the sponsor postponed the show to December 2017.
Below are some questions and answers given by the contestants:

Q: Who is the founder of F.C Ifeanyi Ubah
A: No idea.

Q: Who is the Traditional ruler of Nnewi?
A: Thanks for the question, but no idea.
Q: Who is the president of Nigeria?
A: The President, the president the President of Nigeria is is is ehh ehh Dr. Mohammed Buhari.
Q: Who won Miss Nigeria 1987?
A: No idea
Q: When you look in the mirror what do u see?
A: Courage and confidence
Q: If you become the president of Nigeria, what would you do?
A: budget.
The show, the organizers said was cancelled due to the economic recession currently ravaging Nigeria.