If the reports from Daily Trust are to be believed, the National Assembly has approved the creation of North East Development Commission (NEDC), a body charged with the reconstruction efforts of the insurgency ravaged region.
Here is a list of other agencies, some of them are two in one:
1. Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
2. Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal.....

Also in order to address the bloody herders/farmers clashes in the country, they plan to create two bodies namely:
3. Grazing Areas Management Agency
4. National Ranches Commission.

There are also plans to create research bodies and an entrepreneurship centre, such as:
5. National Council for Research and Development
6. National Research and Innovation Foundation
7. National Research and Innovation Council
8. Federal Entrepreneurship Centre
Two federal capital agencies are also in the works:
9. FCT Traffic Management and Enforcement Authority (TMEA) and
10. FCT Resettlement, Integration and Development Commission

Others include:
11. The National Transport Commission
12. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport of Nigeria
13. National Council on Occupational Safety and Health, and
14. National Marine Insurance Bureau.

Watch a video of the National Assembly in session here:

The lawmakers also have plans to create the following:
15. Institute of Chartered Biochemists and Molecular Biologists of Nigeria
16. Nigerian Independent Warehouse Regulatory Agency

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business17. National Agency for Ethics and Values
18. Chartered Institute for Trade and Investment of Nigeria
Lastly, there are plans for:
19. Unemployed Youths, Elderly and Indigent Sustainability Allowances Trust Fund
20. Nigerian Assets Management Agency
21. Private Security Regulatory Agency of Nigeria
22. Border Patrol Agency