U.S Army Gives Muslim Soldiers Extra Privileges On Hijab

The US Army has recently given Muslim soldiers and soldiers of other religious minorities approval to wear beards, head scarf or hijabs for women if they so desire.

Such soldiers, while serving in the military are however expected to obtain approval to dress and groom themselves according to their religious customs.

According to Reuters, Army Secretary, Eric Fanning, in..... a memorandum signed this week, made the revision.
The revision was to set standard for the accommodations of soldiers who desire to wear beards, turbans and head scarfs.

Provided they modify their hairstyles for the purpose of proper fit, soldiers with such religious obligations must still be able to wear combat helmets and other protective headgears when necessary.
However, such scarfs or hijabs must match the uniform colour wise and must also be free of designs or markings except in the case camouflage.
According to the memorandum, Brigade-level commanders have been empowered to approve such religious accommodations and any Army denied of this can appeal up to the Army Secretary.
“The accommodation will not affect job specialties or duty locations, except in a few limited cases.
“Our goal is to balance soldier readiness and safety with the accommodation of our soldiers’ faith practices, and this latest directive allows us to do that,” Lt. Col. Randy Taylor said in a statement.
It however remain to be seen whether other countries like Nigeria will also give soldiers such approval to wear beards, head scarf or hijabs for women if they so desire.
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