Dancehall Singer, Cynthia Morgan Signs Management Deal With Top US Entertainment Firm

Dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan, has signed a management deal with a top American entertainment firm, The Facilitator Management.

This was disclosed in a statement by the firm, made available to Goldmyne Television on Thursday.

As the world appears to be increasingly fascinated by the Afrobeat sound, Cynthia’s new PR counsel, Muyiwa Babalola, says together, the firm is committed to utilizing her “raw magic” to continue to exhibit Afrobeat on the world stage and in a more organized dimension.

“The Facilitator Firm is a Full -Service Boutique Artist Management, Indie-Record Label, Artist Services and Publishing Company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. forged by the partnership of Founder / CEO “ Uncle Odis “ Johnson and Co-Founder / President Tabiyah Yetunde. Both are longtime Music Industry Veterans with a combined total of 50 plus years of experience in music and entertainment.

“Cynthia resonates with a diverse fan base all over the world because of her feel-good music and vibe,” Babalola…

Tension Mounts As Hurricane Trump Set To Hit North Korea Hard

President Donald Trump of the United States of America, has promised to deal “very strongly” with North Korea.

The fresh threat comes on the heels of Kim Jong Un’s latest missile test which demonstrated progress in his quest to develop longer-range nuclear weapons.
Trump called the nation a......
“big, big problem” during a joint news conference at the White House on Monday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We will deal with that very strongly,” Trump said.

Officials from South Korea, Japan and the U.S. held a video conference on Tuesday, February 14, to share information on the missile test, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said.
The three nations agreed the missile program posed a grave and consistent threat to the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, the ministry said, adding that the U.S. confirmed its “iron clad” commitment to defend its two Asian allies.
The test launch North Korea carried early Sunday local time -- in the midst of a Trump summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe -- showed improvements in the country’s medium-range missile, the South Korean military said. The projectile flew 500 kilometers (310 miles) into the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea.
While Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from developing the capability to strike the U.S. with a missile, the administration hasn’t yet announced a detailed policy on the issue.
Trump and Abe, who at the time of the launch were at the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, responded with a joint rebuke. Abe said the missile test could “absolutely not be tolerated” and called on North Korea to fully comply with United Nations Security Council resolutions. Trump said that the U.S. “stands behind 

China, which remains North Korea’s dominant trading partner, said Monday that it opposed the test and called on all sides to avoid escalating tensions. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the country would take a constructive and responsible role in discussions.

The United Nations Security Council strongly condemned the missile launch in an emergency meeting on Monday. Members agreed to take more measures against North Korea while also stressing the need to reduce tensions in the region.