Another Fuel Scarcity Is Looming....Here's Why

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has threatened to shutdown work in oil sector if the federal government continues with the plan to put the Port Harcout refinery on sale. 

The group alleged that despite order by the Senate to put the sale on hold, the federal government has ignored orders and proceed to sell in secret.

The President of NUPENG, Dr. Igwe Achese, in a statement on Sunday, June 4, insisted that the agreement entered into by the government and Oando was unilateral, without the involvement of stakeholders and unacceptable, Daily Post reports. 

Achese also lamented at the exclusion of the host community, workers, local government and state government, among others, from the said agreement. 

Achese stated: “We have continued to wonder why the sale of public assets like the Port Harcourt refinery is being done in secret in the way and manner they are doing it. "Knowing that there are stakeholders in this sector, and these stakeholders are also taxpayers, you don’t just take any decision at will. “Among all these stakeholders are the workers, who are the operators of these assets. You are mortgaging their future. 

“The worst thing is that we are increasingly beginning to see that some of the policies and the way the policies are being thrown at us look like we are in an autocratic system of government, where the norms and principles of democracy do not matter.”