Pastor Allegedly Raping 14-Yr-Old Member, Sells Church Building And Relocates

A pastor, Chris McDouglas Omosokpea of Peculiar Generation Assembly Church, Oshodi, Lagos, who’s facing a charge for the rape of his member’s teen daughter has allegedly sold his church building and fled to an unknown place to establish another church. SaharaReporters reports that Omosokpea had allegedly sexually abused a 14-year-old girl for the past four years before he was arrested in June 2020 and charged before the court for defilement. He was, however, granted bail on health grounds before the Lagos High Court. Omosokpea didn’t show up in court when the case came up again on Tuesday, March 2. The Presiding Magistrate, Kubeinje, subsequently adjourned the case till April 21, 2021. It was gathered that, before he was arrested, the victim claimed the pastor deceived her with fake prophecies and she kept the abuses away from her parents, who had been members of the church for over 12 years, with a strong belief that Pastor Douglas was a real man of God. However, when she could no lon


The comedian and actor, whose real name is Julius Akinlami, married his sweetheart in an exciting ceremony on June 15 2013 and in acknowledgement of four years of being together in that matrimonial bond, the couple have been sending and dedicating the most romantic, heartwarming messages to each other on Instagram.
Elenu shares a photo and says My friend, my sister, my bestie, my support system, my bomb, my babymama, my wife.
"I prayed for the best and I got the only one, who says marriage isn't a bed of roses.
"Thank you baby for making marriage life this sweet and comforting, I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you for making four years seem just like yesterday. I love you every day all day...
"Thank you for silencing that doubt and fear of living with separate parents [while] growing [up] and thank you for understanding me the way you do baby.
"In my next and next and next [lives], if I do not marry you JANE CHINWE AKINLAMI @jayne_style, I will not marry another.
“Love you to the moon and back.
“Happy [four] amazing years and may our BOND grow even stronger every day, hour, minute and second of the day.
I cherish you my superwoman...”
He shares another throwback pic from their wedding ceremony and further writes: “Four years don waka we still dey carry go...
“Thanks to my super woman for giving me the best of marital bliss.
“@jayne_style [The] Olori 1 of my world… Thank you Lord for the gift you've given us, baba modupe
“Let the heavens hear me because I love you with all that I am...”
In loving response, Jane shares two photos from that ceremony and captions the first thus: “Happy wedding anniversary to US. If I know what love is, it is because of you. I always bless the road that led me straight to you. @elenu1

“I loved you then, I love you still...always have...always will.
“To my favourite husband in the world... Happy anniversary!”
And the other Instagram post gets the following words: “Happy wedding anniversary to US. If I know what love is, it is because of you.
I always bless the road that led me straight to you. @elenu1
I loved you then, I love you still...always have...always will.”

Congratulations to Comedian Elenu and Jane Chinwe from ShugasDiary