Father And Children Arrested For Alleged Kidnapping In Ogun

The Ogun State Police Command have arrested an alleged kidnap syndicate made up of members of the same family. Oweniwe Okpara from Delta State and three of his children, Samson Okpara, Bright Okpara and Eze Okpara were arrested in Ajaka area of Sagamu. Ogun State Police Spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi said the suspects were all arrested for their roles in the kidnap of eight persons at different times. Arrested alongside the suspects is one Christian Ishaha who had accommodated them. “In the course of investigation, it was discovered that three other members of the family constituting the criminal gang namely; Godwin Okpara, Godspower Okpara and Mathew Okpara are the armed squad of the syndicate, while Samson, Bright and Eze Okpara were the ones spying on their targeted victims. One Emmanuel Joseph, a native of Ebele in Edo State was later recruited into the fold, having confronted their sister, Eze Okpara, to tell him the source of money they count every day. They subsequently opened u

Instagram Introduces Another Exciting Feature


Instagram now lets users create lists of their best friends.
The photo-sharing platform has started testing a new feature that allows you to share posts with smaller groups of people, rather than everyone who follows you.
It works for both regular pictures and Instagram Story posts, and lets you determine exactly who can see your photos.
The feature is called ‘Favorites’, according to the Verge, and it could have a significant impact on the way people use Instagram.
Marking a friend as one of your favourite Instagram followers will likely make them feel closer to you and, as a result, they may be more inclined to Like your posts.
Getting guaranteed Likes could in turn encourage you to share a greater number of pictures on the platform. 
Those friends may also decide to mark you out as one of their favourite followers, and create more and more private groups.
There are also clear benefits for privacy-conscious users, who would be able to exercise greater control over who gets to see their updates.
You can add or remove any of your followers from your Favorites list, and they won’t be notified in either case.
Any Favorites posts you share will only appear on your chosen followers’ photo streams, and will be marked with a green Favorites tag.
They’ll also be able to view your Favorites posts by hitting the new Favorites tab on your profile.
For anyone who isn’t on your Favorites list, that tab will appear to be empty.
Favorites has reportedly been in the works for over a year, and is currently being tested with a “small percentage” of users, ahead of a full rollout. 
“We really want to get this right,” said Robby Stein, Instagram’s product lead.