Mzansi Magic Teen Drama Begins A Second Season

The most unlikely girl squad is back to champion girl power on the small screen! 
Is’thunzi returns for a second season, with the audacious Winnie (Thuso Mbedu) leading her motley crew of “ninjas” – Londi (Zikhona Bali), Thish (Makgotso M) and Nox (Yolanda Msingane) -  as they navigate more of life’s obstacles.
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Stuck in the rural town of Phelumoya, where hopes and dreams go to die, the streetwise and ambitious Winnie refuses to give into the life of hopelessness. Even after her fairy-tale goes awry and is ostracised by the town for driving her best friend’s mother to “suicide”, her never-say-die attitude keeps her going.
Emboldened by a strong bond with her MK veteran aunt Nolwazi, Winnie fights to clear her name in the eyes of the people and gain the trust of Nox back. Nox mourning the death of her own, is trapped in a deeper hell unimaginable even in a place called Phelumoya.
Through sheer grit, street smarts and resourcefulness, Winnie embarks on a spirited fight with big bad wolves, suppressive power and gender dynamics, sub servitude, toxic masculinity and her own shadow to discover that – with her band of sisters by her side – they can all be the heroines of their own stories.
Will Winnie ever find her happily ever after with Lebone in the glamorous Johannesburg?
Will Nox escape the clutches of a cruel stepfather who rules her life with impunity?
Will Londi and Thish be able to keep the ninjas together and help rescue their trapped friend?
The girls will have to dig deep within themselves to find courage, intelligence, power, grace, wisdom and agency to ultimately triumph.
Season 2 of Is’thunzi premieres on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) on Monday, 10 July at 20:00.