NYSC: Kwara Corp Member Laments On Unfair Condition In Camp

NYSC member complains about food being served in camp (photos)

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member serving in Kwara state have complained about the kid of food they are being served during camp.

 A corp member in the state on the condition of anonymity, said they have been served substandard food. 

He noted that the situation was different when the director-general of NYSC paid....
them a visit as they were served very good food.

Read the report : This is a sample of tea given at NYSC camp yikpata Kwara where NYSC officials embezzle money with pen and make substandard food for corps members 

This is totally uncalled for. The director general came for a visit and that very day a good meal was prepared and since he left the condition has worsen 

A situation that someone who picked a phone has been judged and punished by the camp court and still brought outside for a public disgrace that is totally not acceptable. It would result to stigma and total isolation as long as he would remain in camp. 

While some NYSC officials have been embezzling money and yet not charged, we were told that 500 naira was allocated by the government for daily feeding Considering the total population of the camp which is 1900 making a multiplication is 950 000 for daily feeding and yet we are served junks, something need to be done.