VIDEO: Dakore And Her Daughters Are Giving Us Hot Vibes

The 2018 AMAA winner of the best actress posted a video of herself dancing with her daughters

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Photo: 'Ajekun Iya' Meme Gets A Cartoon Make-over

Video for Ajekun Iya

Senator Dino Melaye, a distinguished political figure in Nigeria, has taken to his Instagram page to share the cartoon makeover done for him after his hit song ‘Ajekun Iya’ went viral. 

The highly controversial politician who sang a song to shade those who wanted to pull him down after the flames from the certificate scandal got doused became....
more popular with his ‘track’.
Dino Melaye's 'Ajekun Iya' meme gets a cartoon make-over

Although many people questioned his academic qualification and integrity with attitude he put up during the certificate scandal, Senator Dino Melaye has remained unbothered. 

He posted a picture of the cartoon makeover made for his viral song ‘Ajekun Iya’ on his Instagram page. 

The cartoon makeover was made using one of the many faces he made up when he did the video of the song.

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