Photos: Wizkid Covers London Based Hunger Magazine

Wizkid photographed by Hunger Magazine London

Wizkid is still making those appearances in the media, stopping by at London based Hunger Magazine.
Amidst the photo shoots, Wizzy answers some questions, all too familiar ones by now.
He reiterates the idea and purpose behind the "Sounds From The Other Sides" mixtape as wanting to introduce new listeners to his sound, for those not aware of the African movement.
On his role towards  the reach and impact Nigerian and African music is getting on the international scene, the starboy says he feels like he's only just getting started and sees a bigger picture and wanting to do more for Africa beyond the music.
“There is still a bigger picture, there’s still a vision, We are trying to take the music global, we’re trying to do a lot with the music, trying to expand.”
He also tells the magazine that his aim is not to cross over to America but let the world hear Africa and to grow his fan base. 
"The aim is not really to cross over. I just want to make good music for the world. It’s really not in my mind to cross over to America. I have my own fan base, which is Africa. And I just want to keep feeding that fan base and hope it grows."

On if he was trying to grow into the shoes of Fela Kuti, Wiz clarified that the late icon has only been an inspiration.
"Every artist has that one person that inspired them, or a group of artists that inspired them. Fela happens to be a very big inspiration to my music, Bob Marley as well. So I’m just here spreading good vibes. I’m not trying to live like Fela or do what he has done. I just appreciate everything he did when he was alive and I am here to create my own legacy."

Watch a clip of interview on Vimeo.
Wizkid photographed by Hunger Magazine London

Wizkid photographed by Hunger Magazine London