16 Year Old Actress Buys Most Expensive iPhone For Mum

Regina and her loving mother
Source: Instagram, Regina

Regina Daniels is mummy's girl and gradually making her way to becoming daughter of the year. The teenage actress is finally cashing in enough money to afford expensive things and the first on her list to pamper is her gorgeous mother who is also an actress. 

Regina shared the post on her Snapchat where she showed off the expensive Iphone 7 plus she got her mother as a present. 

A phone priced at N300,000- N350,000 depending on the style. Reggy and her mum are so close that they even spend time twinning and taking selfies. What a lucky woman she must be to have just a sweet daughter. 

Source: Snapchat, Regina

Regina shared photos of them twinning and posing for the impeccable iPhone camera. What can we say, except mother and daughter goals for sure!