After 5 Years, Top Actress Gets Reward

The businesswoman who has been trying to get into the prestigious Harvard Business School for about 5 years finally got accepted and she couldn’t contain her excitement as she took to Instagram today, Monday, July 3, 2017, to share the news.

"That unfathomable joy you feel when you get accepted into Harvard for your Executive MBA," she wrote.
Adding, "I finally got accepted into Harvard business school for my masters. After trying for 5 years and getting rejected.Yes ! The prestigious Ivy League University... Yippee....I'm super excited....The good part is it's an executive study so I can work ( as an actress, Tv host and CEO ) and school...
I started business at age 17 and I've been doing this solely on self-knowledge and instincts, I think it's time to horn my business skills from the mother of all business schools so I can have a sustainable company.
God is awesome, he has done so much for me, looking at all my achievements so far. His grace has been with me all through. Doors that people said will never open, opened for my sake.
May he give you a blessing that looks like a lie such that people will question your blessings because of its magnitude. May your Enemies be confused and in awe of your blessings.
May he give you reasons to smile as you rise in style and in glory.God is no respecter of man and doesn't care how anyone feels about your blessings. My story so far has truly been his divine Grace...... one advice ...Never ever give up!"
Meanwhile, Chika Ike is quite busy with her real estate investment. News of Chika joining the real estate sector was first broken by her manager, Serah Donald.
The movie star was born in Onitsha, Anambra state and is a graduate of Human Kinetics and Health Education from the University of Lagos.
Chika Ike gets accepted to Harvard Business School
Besides acting, Chika Is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is a UN Refugee Ambassador for Displaced persons and founder of the Chika Ike (Help A Child) Foundation.