Andrea Pirlo's Players Are Struggling To Adapt Without Ronaldo

Italian outlet Corriere via SunSport is claiming that the manager’s honeymoon period is over as players are finding it difficult to adapt with the tactician’s strategy without striker Ronaldo. The Portuguese star was missing in their 1-1 draw away at Benevento as the reigning champions failed to hold onto their lead. Juventus dropped points yet again on the night the side was deeply frustrated with Alvaro Morata also receiving a red card after full time of the encounter for verbally insulting the referee. Top football manager attacks Messi, claims he has no passion for football when compared to Maradona After the match, Pirlo said there was the urgent need to rest Ronaldo as the player is exhausted with the number of matches he played in recent times. He said: "Already Wednesday in the Champions League he had a problem, but he had decided to play, It’s normal for someone to get tired and rest. "This time it was Ronaldo’s turn, others next. Ronaldo is an added value, but when

Breaking: 2017 WAEC Result Is Out!

A few hours ago WAEC made it known via their twitter account that candidates are now able to access their results on the WAEC official website. We were informed that out of a total of 1,567,016 candidates who registered for the exams, only 1,559,162 sat for it. 

From this we have reason to rejoice because of the 1,559,162 candidates, 923,486 secured at least five credits which include English Language and Mathematics. From calculations, that's a tremendous increase of 59.23%, when rounded off and compared to the last year's 52.9% and the previous year of 38.7% who passed. It's safe to say that over time there will be an even greater percentage increase in the number of students who will pass. 

With continuous hard work, dedication, determination, great training from their qualified teachers and the support of their community and loved ones, I see no reason for my assumption to be disproved. 

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The Head of WAEC, Mr. Olu Adenipekun has been forthcoming in providing us with all the necessary information to feed our curiosities and concerns. He continued to speak proudly by listing percentages for us. Among the list of percentages he gave us, he made us aware of the following: 

● 69.94 percent of candidates, which represents 1,084,214 individuals, secured for themselves at least six subjects with credits and above. 

● 87.05 percent of the candidates, which represents 1,243,772 individuals, secured for themselves at least four subjects with credits and higher. 

● 92.44 percent of the candidates which represents 1,436,024 individuals, secured for themselves at least three subjects with credits and higher. 

● And finally 95.59 percent of candidates which represents 1,490,356 individuals, secured for themselves at least two subjects with credits and higher. 

Unfortunately, however, in the midst of all the good news, we must report some unfortunate occurrences. To our dismay, we must regretfully inform you that not all students have received their marks. 

This is because 5.64 percent of the results experienced errors that are either due to writing or registration problems. News also circulated that some students may have cheated in their exams, such allegations are currently under investigation.

 The outcome of these allegations will be disclosed with the respective schools from the relevant committee in short order.

Congratulations to all students who sat WAEC this year and also thank their teachers and supporters. The hard work, dedication, and effort that was also devoted by the markers of over a million scripts between May 24 and June 11, over the 83 marking venues our country will not be overlooked. On behalf of everyone, we appreciate all that has been put into grooming this generation and leaders of tomorrow.