FOUND! [Photos] The Future Of America Revealed In 22-Year Old Letter

Twenty-two years ago, one Greg Wilkinson probably didn’t consider himself to be one of the great seers of our lifetime, but he can certainly call himself that now.

Back in 1995, he wrote a letter, speculating on what might happen in the near future and buried it in a wall of a house in Sydney, Australia.

It was found this month by a local tradesman who shared it with the world via the Facebook.

So, what did he predict?

Well, he didn’t say that Donald Trump was going to become President or that Britain would vote to leave the EU but he was spot on in many other areas.

Written on Easter Sunday 1995, Greg managed to predict the rise of China as a superpower and how warped interpretations of Islam will spark a ‘holy war.’

. Source: Facebook

Greg starts off by detailing the price of a loaf of bread and a pint of milk in 1995 and how he wrote the letter on his 486 Laptop with 8mb RAM and a 240 MB Hard Drive.

He then touches on the generational trends of the time, politics and sport before moving onto his big predictions.

This is what he said concerning Islam:

Islam will become the next ideological problem sparking an equal and opposite reaction, plunging large parts of the globe into a ridiculous ‘holy war.’

Each side believing they are more religious/righteous than the other.

This prediction was written seven years before 9/11, which led to the eventual invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by UK and American forces.

You only have to look to the activities and ongoing conflict with ISIS, to see the prediction was close to the mark.

He was also spot on when it came to China and their economic growth.

China will semi democratize, gear up as a world economic super power and then look out!

America will be their largest trading partner and if they decide they would like some more space, I suspect Australia could become their target.

Although not all the elements of that statement were 100 percent precise, China’s dramatic growth since 1995 cannot be ignored.

When Greg wrote that letter, China was behind Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, America and the UK in terms of economic size. Now, China is second behind the US.

Upon discovering the letter, Greg was tracked down via Facebook and shared his reflections with the Sydney Morning Herald.

“At first, when I saw the letter up on Facebook, I felt a little violated… Then having thought about it and with the predictions, it really highlighted the progress of the Internet in 22 years and, without it, how would they ever have found me?” he was quoted to have said.

Greg writes in the letter that he thought that the document might be found around 2060, but his wife Roslyn, who has now sadly passed away, believed it would be closer to 2020.

“It turns out she was correct. I wanted it to stay hidden a lot longer, but so happy it was here and was around to see it. “My beautiful Ros almost picked the time it would be revealed,” he reminnisced.