Middle Belt Presents Their 2019 Presidential Candidate From PDP

Image result for Middle BeltDavid Mark, Nigeria's former senate president and the senator representing Benue South has been endorsed by Middle Belt Volunteers to contest the country's presidency under the Peoples Democratic party. 

Consequently, the Senator's posters have surfaced online under the inscription: ‘WANTED’. 

Below the poster, sponsored by Middle Belt Volunteers, is another inscription which read: “Senator Dr. David Mark Alechenu Bonaventure Mark (GCON) for President 2019.” 

David Mark's photo was said to have also been spotted in some places in Abuja, Igah Ikeje, Okpo in Kogi State, as well as some parts of Kaduna State.

 An official of the group, Sunday Argah however insisted that senator Mark is the strongest person to present a good challenge to the current government.

“Yes, we are presenting him (Mark) as our candidate in 2019. He is the man to beat,” he told said. 

In his reaction, James Oche, the coordinator of Mark campaign organisation, Door to Door, said Nigerians are yearning for change and the senator is the best person to bring about that change. 

“It is a testimony of his eight years of unblemished leadership he gave to Nigerians in the senate. “He has no doubt shown that he is one of the Nigerians that can manage and provide real leadership in a country that has numerous ethnic groups “For now, he is more concerned with ensuring that PDP put their house together so as to play their role of opposition perfectly.” 





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