Realty TV Star, Ka3na Flaunts Body In New Bikini Photos

Reality TV star, Ka3na, took to Instagram to share these sexy photos of herself posing at the beach in a white two-piece. See more photos below:

"Only Nnamdi Kanu Can Save Us"

A concerned citizen of South-eastern part of Nigeria has appealed to the Ohaneze Ndigbo to support Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation for Biafra Republic in order for them to have their independence as soon as possible. 

A Facebook user, Ifeanyi Emmanuel Onwukaike described Nnamdi Kanu as the only person who could save the people of Igbo just like Prophet Moses did to Isrealites. 

He said: “We the remnants of Biafra that survived the genocide of Nigeria/Biafra civil war, I said to God be all the glory great things he has done in our existing. Concerning the misunderstanding among us about upcoming Anambra election boycott, I want to draw our minds back memories lane. 

"In the book of Exodus when Moses has put out all necessary reasons to Pharoh to let the house of Isreal leave, he still refused, as we are facing same refusal in Nigeria today and God spoke to Moses to tell the house of Jacob on the 14th day of the month of "Abib - April" they will kill a lamb, spill the blood of the lamb on their doors and their will not go out of their houses that night, that I your God will execute judgment in the land of Egypt and they all obeyed and we all knew what happened next. 

"The following day, every house of Egypt gathered and compelled Pharoh to let Israel go and our father left Egypt with songs and praise, there Miriam the young sister of Aaron and Moses composed a song which we all sing today "who is like unto thee O God who is like unto thee O God, among all the God's.

"Who is like thee glorious and holiness, faithful to be praised, doing wonders hallelujah", to cut the story short, my fellow men and brethren, great Biafrans, let us see the reason we must sit at home boycott Nigeria exercise and festivals. 

"Nnamdi Kanu is not our God; he is like the Moses Joshua or Caleb. It pleases Our God to use him to take us to the promise land, let not kick back and bring death on the people. May God gives us wisdom on this clarion call. God bless Biafra. God bless Nnamdi Kanu and all genuine Biafrans."