Pandemonium: Coffin Splits Open During Burial

Pandemonium as Coffin splits open during burial

There was pandemonium recently at a burial when the coffin which had the remains of Liona Fos split open during procession. Reports states that relatives and friends of the family gathered at the burial in grief on Saturday, July 1. 

Everything was normal with the coffin resting on the device that would slowly lower it into its final resting place. But the machine was said to have failed, breaking the coffin and the body of the dead fell on the floor. 

Liona’s daughter, Gloria Fos who is 25 years old said: “The funeral was supposed to go smoothly. My mother did not deserve to be sent off like that.” 

The body was later arranged and put in a new coffin. Gloria said although the undertakers have sent an apology to the family, she feels it was not enough. The founder of Norton Funeral Services, Judy Norton, said she personally apologized to the family after the incident. 

“We were deeply shocked.” She said the equipment was certified okay before taking it to the burial venue.