See oooo! Nigerian Man Says Women Be Thankful To Them For Even Marrying Them....

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A Nigerian man Onoruke Onoriode said that women should be grateful that men are doing them a favour by marrying them. His comment was a reaction to the post shared by Instagram user, Nkiruka. According to her, a  frustrated wife, who called her narrated how she has been paying house rent since she got married three years ago even though her husband is employed. 

Her post below:

"I dey vex this morning,ladies I am so dam upset..
A lady called me to seek my personal opinion.
She said she has been paying house rent since she got married,her husband is working but he insisted she pays house rent .
She has paid it for 3 years now and she is tired of paying it .

I am really up set 
Ladies let me ask you 
What do u think is,a man's job in a woman's live if he can not provide and take care of her ?
Or you think his job is to fuck you and give u belly or may be get u to orgasm ?
Let me take u back to the bible where the holy book told us that any man who can't provide is not a man .
Manhood does not make you a man,but a male homosapien ,what makes you a man is the ability to provide that was why God created man first and made him in charge of the garden and all he created so that he can provide for the woman his helper .
Women why have we become so desperate that we now become both men and women ,it us a curse .
Awon miss independent,a woman being independent is to be able to help .
Note that a provider is different from a helper .
You don't expect a woman to pay rent,and provide for you,and still expect maximum respect ooo.
Provider is the head,the oga.
Ladies stop this rubbish,if you have a man who can't provide for u ,you are as good as single ,you are only married in the eyes of society ,the man is just an umbrella....
Any man who can't provide is a fuck man"