Photos Of Don Jazzy's Latest Mansion In Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

The ace producer took to his Instagram feed on the 26th of February to share photos of his newest luxury purchases. See photos below:


Everyone loves Free Wi-Fi. At some point you've used someone's WiFi without their notice. I've certainly done it and it's really fun. 😂.. That moment you turn on your WiFi and there's a free signal nearby - 

Or when you forget the WiFi password 

I once knew my neighbors WiFi Password and used it to update all my apps. It was fun though but one day they changed the password and I was like - 

(P.S : Don't Judge me). Who doesn't like free things. 
Oh well.. A couple of years later someone finished my 2GB of Data from my Hotspot. Law of Karma I guess...😰😰

Well if you've had your WiFi issues, Facebook is looking to change all that. Facebook started testing a new feature in its mobile apps last year that shows you where to find free, public Wi-Fi networks nearby. They've rolled it out to all Facebook users on its Android and iOS apps.

Once you get the new feature in your app, simply head over to the More tab and then choose Find Wi-Fi. After this, you may need to turn it on. Once you've done that, you'll see a list or map view of the closest public Wi-Fi hotspots to your location. You can easily switch between the map and list view, by the way.

The list of places is shown with the names and details of the businesses that have Wi-Fi networks, and you can get directions to any of them quickly. I know by know you already have your WiFi Hunting Kit Ready. Don't get your hopes up too much 

Here's the bummer.. 

To show up in the Find Wi-Fi section of Facebook, every business that has a public Wi-Fi network must first claim it by editing its Facebook Page information.