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7th Grader Kills Self After Teachers Shouted At Her For Period Blood Stained-Uniform

A 12-year-old Indian school girl killed herself after allegedly being shouted at for staining her uniform and bench with period blood. 

The 7th grader, a student in a Senthil Nagar school, in Tamil Nadu's Palayamkottai, Southern India, had asked for permission to go to the restroom after her menstrual blood stained her uniform and bench but the teacher allegedly yelled at her. 
At about 3 a.m. yesterday she jumped off the terrace of her neighbor's house. Her shocked parents had no idea why she had taken her own life, until they found her suicide note. In it, she said her friends had pointed out that her bench and uniform had menstrual blood on them. Embarrassed, she asked her teacher for permission to go to the restroom but the teacher reprimanded her in front of her classmates, told her to leave the room, and scolded her asking if she couldn't even place her pad properly. The teacher then took her to see the principal, who allegedly scolded her as well.

"I don't know what to say. Until now you didn't hear any complaint about me but why did the teacher complain about me like this?", she asked in her suicide note.
The incident sparked protests from the parents of pupils and members of the public who were angry over the girl’s death. Police managed to break up the crowd and promised to take action.
A senior police spokesperson confirmed that an investigation has been launched.
They added: "Right now we are hearing different versions. Only after the completion of probe will we have clarity."

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