I Lied, GEJ Did Not Fire Me - Barth Nnaji

A former Minister of Power during the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, Barth Nnaji, has denied being fired by his former boss over corruption allegations. 

The Cable reports that Nnaji made his comments in response to claims made by Reno Omokri, former Senior Special Assistant to the ex-President on New Media. 

In a chat with journalists, Nnaji described Omokri’s claims as being incorrect, and stated that he had tendered his resignation to the former President in order to protect his integrity, adding that he still had his letter of resignation.

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He also stated that the former President had stated that he (Nnaji) “committed no offense”, when queried about his resignation two days after the incident. In his words: 

If you want to defend your boss, defend your boss correctly with facts. "Do not go to impugn people’s character in order to defend your boss. “I have not made any statement against anybody and I know exactly what happened in that place. “There have been numerous reports about what transpired and I was very clear that those who were vested in the sector were out to get what they wanted. 

“And all of you can see it today. Some of them did get what they wanted and I didn’t want to be part of any of that. That is why I resigned. “So, anybody saying anything else is trying to find a way to deflect issues and it shouldn’t be an innocent person – somebody who came to serve his country and everybody knows what I did and the quality of work I did in the sector. “There is absolutely nothing like that. “I resigned; I have a letter of resignation, which I tendered to the President and I issued a statement, stating why I was resigning; that I didn’t want my integrity to be tampered with. “It was very clear; it is public knowledge; you people reported it.

It is actually quite funny. First, the presidential aide was not there when the (former) President and I discussed my resignation and I have my letter of resignation and I resigned.”