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Man Begs Dentist To Pull Out His Painful Tooth With Pliers, Then He Extracts The Wrong One

A make-shift dentist helped out a friend in agony by pulling his rotten tooth out with a pair of pliers, only to discover he extracted the wrong one.

The hilarious video has gone viral in Spain after it was originally shared on Whatsapp .

The incident happened outside a bar in the Galician town of Melide when two friends decided to take matters into their own hands when one of them could stand a raging toothache no longer.

He was happy until he realised that the tooth, one of only nine he has left, is the wrong one.
He called his friend back to perform the deed all over again,and he finally got it right.

According to the Spanish press, this isn't the first time Suso has used a friend with pliers .
He also swears by a concoction of water, vinegar and salt to cure the pain.