N-Power: 7 Ways How To Solve Payment, Other Issues For Existing Beneficiaries

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The Federal Government N-power programme has released new details for existing beneficiaries who are having payment and other related issues. The N-power made this new details available to participants via their Facebook page on Thursday, August, 24. 

The information read: 

"Dear Existing Beneficiaries, some of you have payment issues and don't know what to do. Please read carefully and ask follow up questions below." 

1. Payment on hold: Volunteers who are absent from their place of posting when visits were made have their payment on hold. The affected volunteer should beyond reasonable doubt prove the reason for their absence. 

2. Absent: These are volunteers who missed the physical verification procedure. They are to provide the following evidence: Prove of age certificate between 18-35 (35 as at 2016),. Prove of NYSCcertificate. Proof of degree certificate from a recognised tertiary education, and posting letter. Affidafit sworn after March 2017 are not eligible. NCE holders should their NYSC certificate. 

3. Disqualified: These are volunteers who were disqualified from N-power because because they did not meet the necessary criteria (age, employment etc) or their documents were inconsistent. They are to provide the following evidence. Proof of age certificate between 18-35 (35 as at 2016). Proof of NYSC certificate, proof of degree certificate/statement of result from a recognised tertiary education. Posting letter. Affidavits sworn after March 2017 are not eligible. 

4. Account with unmatched BVN: Volunteers who have BVN on their profile, which is not linked to the account number provided, should report to the bank and link the BVN with the provided account number or provide or provide an account number that is linked with the BVN. 

5. Account Non-Nuban: Volunteers who have issues with the account number provided to N-Power need to go to the bank and rectify their issues and revert with a BVN slip. 

6. Name unmatched: Volunteers whose name on their NPVN portal is not the same, as the name on the BVN slip should revert with a BVN slip. 

7. BVN not exist :Volunteers whose remark reads "BVN does not exist" provided a wrong/nonexisting BVN on their profile, such volunteers are requested to get to their banks to get a BVN slip and revert back to us.