What To Do If You Ever Catch Your Partner Cheating

Whether it is via a text message from the side chic at the wrong time, a phone call from the side guy, or just walking in on your partner lost in the moment in another man or woman’s arms… the possible ways to find out that a partner has been cheating is quite inexhaustible.
So how should people react when they find themselves discovering this unwanted piece of information?
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35.7% of our readers voted to say turning one’s back and walking away is the best thing to do.
They believe that discussing this at a later time is better than confronting it right there and then when emotions are all the way up and something stupid and regrettable could be done.

32.1% say one needs to walk away and never look back. Making that depressing discovery should be the end of your relationship. Don’t look back, they say.
17.9% say to forgive and try to mend broken bridges with such partner. Of course, that will be after he or she must have sought and begged for forgiveness.
And made to suffer for their wandering eyes and undisciplined mind, of course.
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10.7% believe that you wouldn’t have handled the situation properly if you do not scream on top of your voice and create an embarrassing scene for both your unfaithful partner and his or side chic.
And only a meagre 3.6% advise that one should just ‘form unlooking’ and pretend like nothing happened.