How Lagos Airport Guard Discovered And Returned N1.2m Belonging To A Passenger

According to reports, Joseph Akilo, had found $3,338 (about N1,218,000) which was probably misplaced by a London-bound passenger. The guard who earns N25,000 monthly while working with the Aviation Logistics and Management Limited (ALML), chose to return the money he had found while clearing the check-in counter of an airline, instead of keeping it for himself. 

Akilo took the money which was discovered to belong to a Frank Abebemi, to the station manager of the airline, who notified the pilot who then called the passenger's name through the cockpit address system. 

Lagos airport guard discovers and returns N1.2m belonging to a passenger (photo)

Abenemi who initially insisted that he had his money with him when asked, later checked and found out the money that was supposed to be in his hand luggage was no longer there. When asked how much he had and he mentioned the exact amount that was in the two envelopes Akilo found, they were returned to him. 

Kudos to Joseph!