"I Represent Lucifer And Was Sent To Earth To Rule" - Musician Makes Shocking Confession

The things we see and hear these days.

A certain upcoming Ghanaian dancehall artiste has made some shocking confessions which has the entire Ghana music industry in shambles.

According to the musician, known as Cash King, he represents the devil himself on earth and has been sent to take over dance hall music in Ghana.

He said:

“I am bleaching my skin because I want people to see the tattoos I have on my body and because I admire Michael Jackson and I want to be like him,” 

The young musician who is in his early 20s insisted that he carries his skeletal occult tattoos on his body because it’s an important mark for him as a member of his secret group. 

“Anyone with this kind of tattoo means that person is not afraid to die”, he said in an interview.
He continued:

“There are big people who you know that belong to our group, some may not have our symbols the tattooed skeleton on their body but they’re all members”,

Watch interview below: