"I Will Not Travel Abroad For Treatment" - Ayo Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state has boasted that he will take over power from President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 election. 

The governor made the statement when he informed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) about his intention to contest for the position of president of Nigeria under the party’s platform in 2019. 

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In his speech on Thursday, September 28, below are some of the promises he made: 

1. Fayose stated: "I present myself as one with the required knowledge, understanding, competence and above all political will to coordinate the human and material resources that we have in abundance in order to achieve national greatness." 

2. Speaking on education, he said: "As a governor, I encouraged my children to attend schools here in Nigeria and I have never traveled abroad fro Medicare. This I hope to sustain as president of Nigeria by making sure that our schools and health facilities are of international standard." 

3. Also he touched on the legal system. "Our justice system will be such that judges will not be molested and the common people of this country will see our courts as truly their last hope," he said. 

4. "...our security system will make all Nigerians feel safe living in their own country," he said speaking on the current security situation in the country. 

5. In the area of the fight against corruption, the current Ekiti governor said: "Our fight against corruption will not be selective." 

6. He also promised the APC victory, saying: "My party leaders, I present myself to you as the needed vehicle, for our party to move back to the presidency, I am doing so because I am confident that with God and all of you behind me, we can do it and we will do it." 

Image result for Ayo Fayose with his supporters

Image result for Ayo Fayose with his supporters

Image result for Ayo Fayose with his supporters