Omg! Rob Kardashian Thinks Black Chyna Is Evil

Reality TV star Rob Kardashian is of the opinnio is ex Blac Chyna is evil.

Recall news broke earlier today that Blac Chyna, is currently been investigated by child protective services as they fear she is not being a good mom to daughter Dream due to her drug abuse situation. 

Rob is said to be livid with chya as he thiks she is evil but is keeping quiet for the sake of their daughter.

A source who spoke with Dailymail said:

'[Rob was] basically told to shut up and lay low until he and Chyna come to an agreement. There have been concerns that he will lose custody.'

The source also reveals they estranged couple still have issues following the revenge porn case Rob brought upon himself earlier this year when he released nude photos of Chyna.

'He just can't act mental on social media. It could be devastating for him,' added the People source.

'Rob very much resents Chyna. He thinks she is evil. But for his daughter's sake, he plans on staying calm.'

Another source who spoke with People magazine said,
'Everyone wants him to be quiet and not get into any more trouble.

'He isn't happy about going to court, but he also isn't agreeing with Chyna's demands. [Rob] isn't healthy, and isn't making huge efforts to get healthier, but he does really care about Dream. He loves spending time with her. He always misses Dream when she is with Chyna.'