Globacom Emerges 'Brand Of The Year 2019-2020' In World Branding Awards

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The annual World Branding Awards is the premier awards programme of the World Branding Forum, a registered global non-profit organization set up to advance the standards, skills and education of the branding community for the good of the industry and consumers. 

The organisers explained that over 230,000 consumers participated in the poll conducted to decide winners.

 More than 4,500 brands from 57 countries were nominated for the 2019 Awards in multiple categories. 

Of these, only 351 brands from 49 countries were declared as winners:
 81 brands from 16 countries were awarded in New York and 270 winners from 33 countries got their awards in London. 
Countries that did not receive enough votes did not qualify. 

Chief Executive Officer of the World Branding Forum (WBF), Peter Pek, said at the presentation ceremony that the award to Globacom came: "Following a rigorous assessment, evaluation and judging process".

He explained that: "The same principle applied to all the winners from the different continents of the world which were adjudged the best "after rigorous global research, valuation and voting.” 

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 According to him, Globacom and other awardees were selected based on a unique system of awarding points on three criteria. 

Brand Evaluation was awarded 30%, Public Online Voting 30% and Market Research 40%. 

Other global brands such as Shell, Apple, Netflix, Cadbury, Carlsberg, Nokia, DHL, Adidas, Ferrari, Rolex, Sportify, Japan Airlines, Aurora and other top brands from the United States of America, Spain, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico also won awards in different categories. 

Globacom has since launch in 2003 carved a niche for itself as the driver of innovation in the telecoms industry by pioneering several unique products and services that have transformed the lives of its customers.

 It currently has over 50 million subscribers on its network. 

Congratulations to Globacom on this achievement!!!