Meet Kiko Davis, First Black Woman To Own A Bank In US

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The founder and president of Don Davis Legacy Foundation, Kiko Davis, has become the only black woman in the United States that owns a bank.

The 49-year-old is the majority shareholder of Detroit-based First Independence Bank, Face 2 Face Africa reports.

SD News Blog gathers that First Independence Bank is one of the top largest black-owned banks in the United States.

According to Davis, women of colour have an innate warrior spirit that makes them inherently effective at leading and at winning.

She said strength, courage, intelligence and analytical ability are hallmarks of any great leader, adding that a warrior spirit goes beyond that though. Davis said: “We possess a level of empathy for people in general with a higher level of sensitivity towards women and minorities.

"Often times, it’s a skill set that
some men and non-minorities do not possess. They simply are socialized differently. I believe in order to lead people effectively you must be able to understand them, or at least want to."