How To Create And Plan Your Instagram Content For Sales

It’s here guys! 🌟🌟

 This workshop by TheBlackwriter, an Abuja based lifestyle content creator will help you revisit the basics of your brand, business, the vision, purpose and figuring out your voice. ⁣
In this course you'll learn:⁣
- to tailor your storytelling. ⁣
- to create experiential content⁣
- to build emotionally connected customers. ⁣
- how to create a content sales funnel and monitor /track your content. ⁣
- how social media fits into the big picture of your brand. ⁣
This workshop is for business owners, social media managers who want to master social media to drive sales and achieve business goals. ⁣
It's suitable for individuals who want to push a strong personal brand. After all, your brand image is a product and at the end of the day you need the same results. ⁣
Send a DM to TheBlackWritersCollective reserve your spot or send an email to ⁣