Rihanna's Take On Skin Insecurities, Sunscreen Myths, and Inclusivity With Fenty Skin

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In celebration of Fenty Skin, a line of essentials already making a scene in the world of skincare, the musical superstar virtually gathered a group of beauty editors together to talk more about her latest launch.

When you're graced with Bad Gal Riri's presence, it's almost impossible not to be blinded by her beauty and awestruck by her aura, which is equally as effervescent even through a laptop.

If you've never felt like you could relate to the singer/designer/entrepreneur, you will now. Rihanna shares the same skin struggles as many women, and is so real about it.

"In quarantine, it was rough at first," she said. "I don't know what the changes were that my skin was going through. [My skin] wasn't used to being at home for that long, I guess, not being on planes. ... After being consistent [with] my skincare routine every day, my skin has improved tremendously. I feel pretty confident about my skin right now. I don't wear makeup as much. I like to flex my skin."

She's been sticking to just moisturizer before Zoom calls.

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